Wednesday, 2 October 2013

USS Monitor

The USS Monitor, after her fight with the CSS Virginia (formerly the USS Merrimack) on 9 March 1862.
When I put this picture on Facebook, John Winner kindly supplied more information:
View on deck looking forward on the starboard side, while the ship was in the James River, Virginia, 9 July 1862. The turret, with the muzzle of one of Monitor's two XI-inch Dahlgren smoothbore guns showing, is at left. Note crewmembers atop the turret, and dents in turret armor from hits by Confederate heavy guns.
Dents from the battle with the CSS Virginia are visible. Officers at right are (left to right): Third Assistant Engineer Robinson W. Hands, Acting Master Louis N. Stodder, Second Assistant Engineer Albert B. Campbell (seated) and Acting Volunteer Lieutenant William Flye (with binoculars).

Original B&W photo.

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